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Tips for managing a guest list

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

As we all know managing events can get a liitle confusing and crazy because you are managing people.There are 15 keys to succefully managinf your guest list. Your guest list will be a work in progress throughout much of your planning. Even after you send invites, you’ll then have to manage RSVPs and related details.You will probably want to use one off the wedding apps or a guest management app that will digitally organize after that you will evntually create your own system. The app isvey helpful with the orgajization part of things.Second,create the guest list prioritize list A list B.Now that you have a rough estimate, you can search for an appropriately sized venue. If you’ve already chosen a space, then you’ll know how many people can fit on the first tier of your list. When arriving at that number, keep in mind which guests you want to accommodate with a plus one.We will then collect all the information needed for guest such as addresses,relationship to honoree, and other helpful information that will create a memorable experience.Create personalized groups,manage rsvp,figure out who will be invited to each events if therre are multiple ones.Then there is the menu choice which is very important due to variety of diets people have now and allergies.These are just a few tips to keep your list organozed and cut down on cost. Its very hepful to have a accurate count because 3 people to many or too little will cost you almost 30-200 depending on food,dessert, chairs and guest novelities. I hope this was helpful to anyone who is planning there next event or to a new planner who is looking to get tips on guest management. Please feel free to drop a comment or question.

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